• I would like to tell you thank you for our economics lesson during the field trip at the museum.

    – Anaya Holmes
  • I really enjoyed the cave. I liked being a producer. My group made a clock, a frisbee, a hat, and a necklace.

    – Catharine Clamcy
  • The most things I liked was the cave and I liked the news studio.
    It made me feel like I was a real adult.

    – Shajuan MacDonald
  • We loved the blooming butterflies program and Pamela was terrific!

    – Private School PreK Teacher
  • Thank you!! We had a ton of fun!! We had a LOT of great chaperones this year! I think this is the best our kids have been ever! our chaperones were on it! Thank you so much for seeing how great they were! We LOVED the lesson and we can't wait to come back next year!
    – CCPS Kindergarten Teacher
  • We had a wonderful time visiting the Children’s Museum this year! We would love to include you in our field trips for next year. In order to plan I was wondering when you guys start booking for next school year. THANK YOU !
    – HCPS 1st Grade Teacher
Special Nights

Special Nights

CMoR opens its doors for evenings especially for families with children 15 years old and younger who have challenges or disabilities. You'll find museum exploration, adapted materials, a cool-down space, and a reduced number of visitors! 

Free admission for families of children with behavioral health and development challenges. 
No reservation required. 

First Friday of every month from 5:30PM - 7:30PM at rotating locations. 

2018 Dates for Special Nights

March 2 Richmond                         July 13 Fredericksburg
March 9 Fredericksburg   August 3 Short Pump
April 6 Chesterfield   September 7 Richmond
May 4 Short Pump   September 14 Fredericksburg
May 11 Fredericksburg   October 5 Chesterfield
June 1  Richmond   November 2 Short Pump
July 6 Chesterfield    November 9 Fredericksburg

Special Nights at CMoR Downtown, CMoR Short Pump and CMoR Chesterfield are presented by: 


 Special Nights at CMoR Fredericksburg are presented by: