• I really enjoyed the cave. I liked being a producer. My group made a clock, a frisbee, a hat, and a necklace.

    – Catharine Clamcy
  • We loved the blooming butterflies program and Pamela was terrific!

    – Private School PreK Teacher
  • The most things I liked was the cave and I liked the news studio.
    It made me feel like I was a real adult.

    – Shajuan MacDonald
  • "Unplugged: Coding without Computers" is a wonderful program and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a field trip.

    – Charles City Kindergarten Teacher
  • I would like to tell you thank you for our economics lesson during the field trip at the museum.

    – Anaya Holmes
  • Thank you!! We had a ton of fun!! We had a LOT of great chaperones this year! I think this is the best our kids have been ever! our chaperones were on it! Thank you so much for seeing how great they were! We LOVED the lesson and we can't wait to come back next year!
    – CCPS Kindergarten Teacher
Commonwealth Parenting

Commonwealth Parenting

Our mission is to build a stronger community by teaching proactive parenting skills to parents and caregivers in central Virginia through quality education, communication and support.

Commonwealth Parenting (CP) and the Children’s Museum of Richmond (CMoR) have served as vital community resources in the Greater Richmond area for over 30 years, and when combined, the two organizations are visited by more than 425,000 people annually. Commonwealth Parenting provides support for the entire family and offers a variety of parenting skills to parents and caregivers of children of all ages, in addition to helping them understand age-appropriate developmental milestones and offering coaching for school readiness and early learning success.

Primary Services – Generally for children 6 months through early elementary:

1. Child Observation/ Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Child observations are opportunities to see how a young child functions in their school or play settings.  This service provides useful information in determining where a young child falls within developmental guidelines.  Child observations can be used for Kindergarten Readiness Assessments, Individual Goal Setting, or Behavior Modification planning. Our Family Educator provides practical and creative suggestions for parents and teacher of young children who may appear to struggle in some area of development.

 2. Speakers Bureau

Allow us to bring our parenting expert to you.  Available speaking topics are listed below.

       Topics for Caregivers and Parents of Young Children through Elementary School

  • Be a Cheerleader for Your Child (Advocating for the Special Needs Child)
  • Kindergarten Readiness:  Skills Children Really Need to Succeed
  • The Anxious Child to Resilient Child (Learn about Childhood Stress and How Parents Can Help)
  • Little Kids, Big Questions, and Helpful Answers
  • Teaching Feelings:  Emotional Development of the Young Child
  • Bullying:  What It Is, Where It Happens, and What to Do About It
  • Capturing Every Step: Milestones and Development at Each Age

       Topics for Early Childhood Professional Training

  • Positive Connections with Parents
  • Little Fighters, Little Biters; Handling Toddler Aggression
  • Kindergarten Readiness:  Skills Children Really Need to Succeed
  • Play to Learn, Learn to Play: Supporting Play in your Classroom
  • Sensory Motor Play for the Classroom

3. Private Consultations

If you’d prefer to have a private consultation for a specialized challenge we recommend one of the following partners:

 4. Commonwealth Parenting’s Helpful Caregiver/Parenting Brochures

5. Family Events

Contact Commonwealth Parenting:

Family Engagement Manager     •     Troyana Cheatham     •     (804) 474 7030