Pit Stop

This newest exhibit, now open in Chesterfield, will travel to all CMoR Locations and features a variety of interactive elements, including:

  • Flag Stand
  • Climb into the stand and wave all of the flags of NASCAR while learning what each flag means.

  • Off the Track
  • Become the driver as you jump behind the steering wheel and see the inside of a real NASCAR race car.

  • Build Your Own Race Car
  • Find out what it takes to win as you try out different parts and pieces to build a race car. Test out your creation as it speeds down the ramp, then rebuild and try again!

  • When They Were Young
  • Learn about your favorite Virginia-born NASCAR drivers! See if you can guess each driver by looking at photos of them as children!

  • KidSteam
  • Power around the track in these fun, race-themed pedal cars!

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