[Play of the Week] Terrific Tap Shoes

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We put PLAY in capital letters because it is so important to human development.

It is the vehicle children use to learn, cope, self correct and explore the world. CMoR is so dedicated to promoting play we incorporate it into everything we do.

Each week we will post on the website a new ‘PLAY of the Week’ activity for you to do with your family. It will be an unplugged activity that can be done at the dining room table, in the tub, at the park or just about any place.

Terrific Tap Shoes


Skills: Imaginative Play

    What you will need:

    • 1/2-inch-wide elastic
    • 2 metal washers (1 1/4 inch across)

    What to do:

    • For each shoe, thread an 8-inch length of 1/2-inch-wide elastic through the metal washer and knot the ends together
    • Stretch the bands around your child's shoe, arranging the washer so that it lies flat against the sole
    • Have your child put on their new tap shoes and tap away!

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