[Play of the Week] Shamrock Sort

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We put PLAY in capital letters because it is so important to human development.

It is the vehicle children use to learn, cope, self correct and explore the world. CMoR is so dedicated to promoting play we incorporate it into everything we do.

Each week we will post on the website a new ‘PLAY of the Week’ activity for you to do with your family. It will be an unplugged activity that can be done at the dining room table, in the tub, at the park or just about any place.

Marshmallow Shamrock Sort

You and your child will have a blast celebrating St. Patrick's Day with this fun sorting activity! Younger children will work on developing fine motor skills by picking up the cereal, while older children will practice identifying shapes and colors .

What you will need:

  • Some of your favorite cereal with marshmallow shapes inside

What to do:

  • Give child a scoop of Lucky Charms
  • Help your child sort the cereal into two groups; marshmallows and dry cereal
  • Ask them to the marshmallows into groups by shape or color
  • Work together to count the number of marshmallows in each group
  • Have child decide which marshmallow group has the most and which has the least
  • Eat up your tasting sorting activity!

Shannon is a program educator at CMoR Central.

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